The grey squirrel is a fearless rodent, not native to the British Isles. This pest species can cause substantial damage to London gardens and property.
If squirrels are causing you problems, whether they have broken into your London home and are demolishing your loft space or are causing havoc in your London garden, we have the solution.
We offer a state of the art squirrel removal trapping program that produces quick, effective, humane and cost effective results, both inside and outside your London business or home.
We are here to insure complete and long term squirrel pest control.
Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or to receive a free quote for our thorough squirrel removal and prevention service.
All technicians are fully insured, BPCA trained, and carry identification.
London Squirrel Pest Control by Barratt & Sons Pest Control.

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  1. We pinpoint problem access points
  2. We set modern, effective, humane traps throughout problem areas.
  3. By visiting daily our friendly and experienced technicians provide a thorough and unbeatable service.